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Welcome to our collection of Florence Ceramics of California.  We have thoroughly enjoyed acquiring this collection.  Florence ceramic figurines are by far the most exquisitely detailed pieces and generally, they can be readily recognized.  The photographs below, show only a very small part of the collection and we are adding to them on a regular basis.  If you have one in mind that does not appear, just email us and we'll let you know if it is available.  We will also provide more detailed pictures upon request.  Remember, you are our customer and very important to us!

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EVE...Measures 8 1/2 inches high.  Has an articulated hand.  She has ruffling around bodice and cuffs; she has applied spaghetti on sleeves.  No chips or cracks.  Lace ruffle at the bottom of her dress.


BETSY...Measures 7 inches high.  Has applied spaghetti on her bonnet, sleeves, muff and to the bottom of her dress.  No chips or cracks.  There are a few places on the muff that the spaghetti may be missing, but unable to be certain even with a magnifying glass.


JAY...Measures 7 1/2 inches high.  He is white trimmed with gold.   Has a 1/16 inch chip on front rim of hat, hardly noticeable and easily repaired.  


HONEY JAR...Measures 4 1/2 inches high to top of wing by 4 inches diameter at the base.  One wing has 1/8 inch chip on tip.  Spoon has 1/2 inch glaze chip on rim.  Incised on bottom in script, "Florence".


VIVIAN...Measures 10 inches high to top of parasol.  Has ruffled sleeves, a lace hankie, applied bow with flower.  Parasol with spaghetti pom pom at top.  Her hat is comprised of many applied flowers in white.  The pom pom on the parasol shows a few spaghetti tip missing.  No chips or cracks.  Her hands are articulated and in excellent condition.

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AMBER...Measures 9 1/2 inches high.  She has lace bodice, ruffled cuffs, articulated hands; she has applied roses to her hand and to her hair.  She has an applied bow to the back of her hat.  She is in excellent condition.  No chips or cracks.


MARIE ANTOINETTE...Measures 10 1/4 inches high.  She has articulated hands, applied roses, spaghetti sleeves, lace ruffles and a lace collar.  There is a 1 inch section of lace missing from the back of her collar.  It does not detract at all.  She is the larger model of Marie Antoinette.

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ELIZABETH...Measures 7 1/2 inches high sitting.  THE COLOR OF HER DRESS IS TEAL, NOT BLUE AS THE PHOTO SHOWS.  She has articulated hands, lace parasol, ruffled collar, lace cuffs and applied flowers and lace to her head.  No chips or cracks.  The couch is trimmed in gold.  Incised in script, "Elizabeth".


ADELINE...Measures 8 1/2 inches high.  She has applied flowers to her hair.  No chips or cracks.  Incised in script, "Adeline".  Simply a beautiful figurine.

fl103.jpg (44278 bytes)



CHARMAINE...Measures 8 3/4 inches high.  HER COLOR IS TEAL, NOT BLUE AT THE PHOTO SHOWS.  She has articulated hands, which are rare.  Applied flowers to her hat, lace on the parasol and applied bow at her neck.  No chips or cracks.


MUSETTE...Measures 8 3/4 inches high.  She has articulated hands, no damage.  Applied roses to her hat and to her hair.  Applied lace to her bodice and cuffs.  Her gown has been painted with blue and pink flowers.  Has a 1/4 inch chip to the bodice on the right rear side and a 1 inch piece of lace missing on the left sleeve at the elbow. 


VICTORIA...Measures 7 1/2 inches high sitting.  Articulated hands; no damage.  Lace bow with loop damage to left side about 1/4 inch.  She has applied flowers and lace to her hat.  1/4 inch chip on ruffle to the right side of her bodice.  Not every noticeable and easily repaired.  The couch has gold trim.  

fl104.jpg (40890 bytes)




DEAR RUTH (rare)...Measures 9 inches high.  She has articulated hands, holding a, "Dear Ruth, I miss you so, hope you....illegible...soon".   Seat on an oval bench made to look like marble.  No chips or cracks.   Incised on bottom, "Dear Ruth".


STORY HOUR...Measures 7 inches high seated.  Both figures have articulated hands.  Mother has ruffled lace with applied roses and has a book.   The little girl has a ruffle around her bodice and applied bow in her hair and back of dress.  She also has curls at the back.  Absolutely beautiful.  Incised on the bottom, "Story Book Hour", gold S on the couch, all marked with the Florence logo.







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