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Measures 5 3/4 inches high.  This piece is in excellent condition.   This Majolica has a few pin head size paint skips along the top rim.  Bottom impressed Shorter, England, 425, has a painted F and black stamped, Genuine Staffordshire hand painted Shorter and Son Ltd England.  This is a magnificent piece.
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Measures 4 3/4 inches high.  This pieces is also in excellent condition.   No chips or cracks.  This Staffordshire cobalt pitcher is impressed, Jonquil 42?.  Black stamped genuine Staffordshire hand painted Short and Son England and a black paint mark GR.  So very beautiful.
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This bowl measures 9 1/4 inches handle to handle.  Has minimal paint loss.   Has raised gold flowers with blue birds.  Green back stamped Hand painted Nippon with laurel wreath M.  Morimuta Brothers 1891 to 1921.  This is in beautiful condition.
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The largest heart measures 4 3/4 inches wide.  This piece has hand painted roses.  Paint intact.  Faded blue back stamp Hand painted Nippon.  Has no chips or cracks.  Beautiful dresser pin tray.  The smaller heart measures 3 1/2 inches wide with no chips or cracks.  Hand painted.  Paint intact.  Signed by artist on front, N. Wolfe.  Gold back stamped, Hand painted by Norma Wolfe.
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The footed nut bowl on the far right measures 6 inches diameter.  Has no chips.  Has a small 1 1/4 inch hairline at bottom of inside bowl.  Has moriage dots on top rim along with moriage outline on flowers.  Green back stamped Made in Japan with logo.  The small bowl on the left measures 4 1/4 inches diameter.  In excellent condition with no chips or cracks.  Hand painted flowers with gold accent.   Back stamped hand painted Nippon M with laurel wreath.  Bowl in center measures 6 1/4 inches diameter.  Has no chips or cracks.  Gold accents are fading.  Baskets with flowers are intact.  Back stamped hand painted Nippon rising sun.  All three pieces guaranteed old.
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This cobalt chicken covered dish measures 3 1/2 inches long.  In good condition, no chips or cracks.  It is a reproduction.
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Measures 8 inches in diameter.  Has no chips or cracks.  Has three little kiln marks under lip of top rim of bowl.  The design is similar to early McCoy Sylvan, however, it is most probably closer to Shawnee Pottery.  Bottom impressed, large H with connecting 6.  Has some utensil marks on inside on bottom.  Really unusual piece.
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Measures 4 1/4 inches high by 4 1/4 inches wide.  This piece screams early Nelson McCoy.  Yes it is tilted!.....  There are several manufacturing defects, but no use defects.  A wonderful berry and leaf pattern.  No markings.

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