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p101.jpg (13012 bytes) P1     $35.00... 1923 ship calendar measures 15 1/2 inches high by 20 3/4 inches wide.   Calendar compliments of, "H.R. Johnson, Mens Clothier & Tailor".   Condition is good with some cracking on the edges.  Calendar is not complete, has one month, January 1923.  Still has original hanger.
p102.jpg (20227 bytes) P2     $35.00... "Unknown".  Actual print measures 7 1/8 inches wide by 9 3/8 inches high.  We do not know who the artist is.  The quality is terrific.   On heavy stock paper.  Overall measurements are 10 1/4 inches by 14 1/4 inches.  There is some water damage to the corners, however, there is no damage to the print itself.
p103.jpg (13946 bytes) P3     $25.00..."The Confidant".  This print is from the original painting by, "Pio Ricci", By Gebbie & Co.  Actual print size is 10 1/2 inches wide by 8 inches high.  Overall measurements are 12 1/4 inches wide by 9 7/8 inches high.   The print is in excellent condition and a real beauty!
p104.jpg (16472 bytes) P4     $25.00..."Grief".  Grief of the Oceanides at the fate of Promethus.   This print is from the original painting by C. E. R. H. Lehmann, in the Gallery of the Luxenbourg by Giffie & Co.  Actual print is 7 1/4 inches wide by 9 3/8 inches high at the tallest point.  Print condition is excellent!
p106.jpg (22393 bytes) P6     $35.00..."Unknown".  Neither the title or artist is known to us.   Actual print measures 9 1/4 inches wide by 6 1/4 inches high.  Mounted on heavy embossed stock.  Actual print is in excellent condition.  There are some spots on the border.

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