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11.JPG (44178 bytes) 11.....$5.95
Fish on left measures 4 1/2 inches high.  No chips or cracks and is free standing.   No markings.  Center fish measures 7 1/2 inches long.  It is a wall plaque.  No markings.  Has a 3/8 inch shallow flake on top tip of fin.   Would be easy to color in.  Right fish measures 6 5/8 inches long.  No markings.  Excellent condition.  Pin head size shallow flake of tip of fin.   Make a great trio in the bath.  Price is for all three!
13.JPG (31794 bytes) 13.....$9.95
This vintage horse and foal statue measures 7 inches high.  No chips or cracks.   It is in excellent condition.  Paper label on bottom, "souvenir of Georgia". 
10.JPG (39959 bytes) 10.....$9.95.....This little indian Hummel-like figurine measures 5 1/2 inches high.  No chips or cracks.  Small paint rub on back of base.  Blue stamped with a crown, RNANT 5th Ave, hand painted, 2619.
14.JPG (43075 bytes) 14.....$9.95.....Tallest pig measures 3 5/8 inches high.  Pig on left is heavy and feels like stone, but most likely cold cast resin.  Paper label, made in Pueblo, Colorado by Animal Accents.  Center pig is ceramic with no chips or cracks.  Beautiful soft color.  Right pig is cold cast resin.  No chips or cracks.  Darling.....and perfect for the pig collector.  Price is for all three.
1.JPG (57286 bytes) 1.....$4.99.....This dolphin measures 4 inches high.  Piece is new and in excellent condition!  It is a Lenox piece with beautiful gold accents.  Gold stamped on bottom, Lenox. 
3.JPG (24538 bytes) 3.....$4.99.....This new Lenox elephant measures 2 5/8 inches high.  No chips or cracks and is a new piece.  Marked gold lettering on bottom, Lenox.
2.JPG (27340 bytes) 2.....$4.99.....This Lenox swan measures three inches long.  New piece.  Has gold accents.  Bottom gold stamped, Lenox.
24.JPG (69379 bytes) 24.....$8.50.....This beautiful, floral flower frog wheelbarrow measures 7 1/2 inches long by 3 5/8 inches tall.  This piece is in excellent condition with no chips or cracks.  Minimal gold loss.   Removable flower frog top.  Bottom red stamped, EW-4/684.  Probably manufactured by Lefton.  A terrific addition to your dresser.
23.JPG (57725 bytes) 23.....$7.95.....This figural set of dresser vases measure 4 1/2 inches tall.   They are a matched set.  No chips or cracks.  This set is vintage.  Bottom marked, made in Japan with red logo.  Beautiful set.
27.jpg (25135 bytes) 27.....$8.95.....Tallest figurine measures 4 inches tall.  This group of three are priced as a group.....a good deal.   The grey elephant is cold cast resin.  No chips or cracks.  Center elephant is ceramic and has no chips or cracks.  The Right elephant is vintage and is china.  No chips or cracks and in excellent condition.  What a great addition to your collection of elephants.
15.JPG (55116 bytes) 15.....$9.95.....This is a set of 4 dish towels, measuring approximately 26 inches by 36 inches each.  They are in excellent condition.   Teapot dish towel has a mended hole, which is quite unique and adds to its charm.   The embroidering is beautiful..

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